Win-win with OPPO 40 million users

As the industry’s leading media platform for mobile phone, we always adhere to the operating concept, product quality and integration, dedicated to provide advertisers with apps distribution and brand advertising, providing professional promotion programs to help advertisers achieve their goals.

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Multiple Scenes

The OPPO system comes with multiple service products, from the user booting to the user’s deep use.

Young People

OPPO users are mainly young, seize the young, and enhance the young motivation for your products.

High-end Consumer

Based on the selling price of mobile phones, OPPO users have high spending power, thereby promoting with better conversion.

NO.1 Market Share

OPPO is far ahead of other mobile phones in Smartphone market. With strong cooperation with OPPO Brand, your brand must be more attractive.

Performance Advertising

App Market application distribution platform, through high-quality users and high traffic to help your App lead the market;The browser website distribution platform with the combination of strong exposure and high conversion of resource promotion, help customers do the promotion.


    App Market MAU


    Oppo Browser DAU

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    Expert team to help you

    A professional operational team helps you to place your ads in the OPPO App Market and Browser. Advertising has never been easier.

    Sign Protocol

    Our sales consultant will stand by 7X24 to answer the question of ad placement for you and they will answer it one by one.

    Material Submission

    Submit related links or materials, review by the operations team, and start the advertising journey.

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    Brand Advertising

    With OPPO mobile phones as the carrier, offline stores as a platform to support brand advertising with rich native applications in mobile phones, including but not limited to lock screen magazines, browsers, and other diverse applications, reaching audiences at multiple levels. Gather high-quality traffic resources, reach a large number of young users and reach advertisers’ marketing goals.

      Multiple product combinations, multiple advertising formats

      Bring you the most value

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Must advertisers create custom APK in order to start the campaign?

      No. Clients just need to provide their pure APK (without embedding any tracker) and a tracking link from 3rd party tracking platform.

      Do advertisers get their own dashboard and put ads by themselves?

      No. All regular and special placement ads managed and optimized by Oppo team.

      For measurement purpose, how do we track the campaign performance?

      For performance campaign, the Install report will be based on 3rd party tracking platform.

      What kind of data that available on Oppo dashboard?

      Impressions, clicks number, and downloads data.

      What kind of ads that available on Oppo app matrix?

      App icon placements, splash screen, banner, push notification, and lock screen.

      Can we do users targeting?

      Yes, we can do targeting through our push notification function.

      What is the average daily installs for performance ads campaign?

      Range vary from 500 to 20,000+ daily installs based on each app category.

      How many active users of Oppo App Market?

      Monthly Active Users (MAU) 18 million+ and keep increasing inline with Oppo devices sales/ distribution.

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      We provide professional service for each customer, complete pre-sale and after sales operations

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